Dawn, Duke & Grace, and make sense become Springbok

With our new identity, we're emphasizing our shared ambition as a digital & creative agency for positive growth.

09 okt 2023,

To boost our positive impact, agencies dawn, Duke & Grace, and make sense are changing their name to Springbok. To showcase the new Springbok, we have developed a new branding  and new visual language.

one brand

The name change marks a new era for dawn, Duke & Grace, and make sense, which were already part of Springbok but have now become fully integrated. As the digital & creative agency for positive growth, this has solidified our position in the market as a result. All Springbok agencies combine their strengths based on a shared vision and clear mission to fuel company growth – one that is also good for the planet and contributes to well-being.

By choosing to move forward under a single brand, we are addressing the significant challenges in today's marketing landscape. These challenges call for an integrated approach at the intersection of creativity, technology, and purpose. Combining Dawn's creative strategic expertise, Duke & Grace’s creativity and digital expertise, and the sustainability expertise of make sense will enable Springbok to better assist clients in achieving creative differentiation, strategic consistency, and growth.

new visual identity

To showcase the new Springbok, the rebranding and new visual language allude to the natural “water ripple effect”. After all, there is no “one” major component that sets change in motion but a sequence of factors, both big and small.

“At Springbok, we always look for new ways to improve our solutions, making them faster, smarter, and more sustainable. This fusion of expertise is a step forward in our mission to create a better future through positive growth.” - Sammy Colson, CEO of Springbok

Currently, we employ more than 360 strategists, data specialists, tech experts, and creatives. The creative & digital agency for positive growth has offices in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Brussels, Den Bosch, Ghent and Mechelen (head office).

If you'd like to learn more about how we can further support your brand and organization please don't hesitate to reach out. We’d be delighted to introduce you to our experts.