how to: corporate social responsibility

Setting up a corporate social responsibility strategy? Easier said than done. How do you even start to write a decent sustainability report? And what about the mandatory European CSRD regulations? Feeling overwhelmed? Inhale, exhale. We’ve got your back. The workshop sustainability, customized for your organisation, teaches you everything there is to know – and do – to become sustainable enthusiasts. 


workshop sustainability: what can you except?

Learn how to get the entire team familiar with all aspects of corporate sustainability. Relevant and compelling practical examples inspire you to motivate each and every team member. You’ll develop an open-minded attitude towards sustainability. Which – of course- covers much more than environmental issues alone. Do you have an inclusive and diverse team and are you respectfully communicating with all internal and external partners? Guess what, that’s also sustainability. Our workshop features 10 different sustainability topics, which are completely intertwined and strengthened by one another.


customized to your sustainability goals 

You’ll get new perspectives to enhance previous determined sustainability goals and challenges. Introduce them to your team and take the change to immediately test the waters. With your employees. The workshop is entirely customized for your organisation. You’ll work in different teams, put together as diverse as possible. No matter what your role or position is. Sustainability is a team effort. Bottom-up ánd top-down. Working together. To make an impact with a clean company in an even cleaner world.

the ins and outs of CSR

To let you in on a little secret, forcing sustainability onto your employees won’t work. No shit, Sherlock?! Well, at least we hope this doesn’t come as a surprise. If everybody is on the same page, behavioural change is more likely to happen. Do you have the entire team jumping up and down from excitement, than you’re in for a real treat. Safe to say, sustainability needs to be embedded in your company’s DNA , making sure everybody breathes, feels, spits, thinks and - yes if possible- even dreams it.

Putting together your sustainability strategy and goals is one thing. You need your employees to embody it. Inspire, motivate and connect with your team members. Let them become advocates of change. Starting within the company. That’s what we want to accomplish in our workshop. Together.

csr: who benefits from it

 Anyone who dreams of shaking things up and is excited to start a small or big (r)evolution. But most of all for anyone who’s inspired to do better:

  • You are a CSR or sustainability manager: “I want a strong foundation to start implementing sustainability in my organisation.”
  • You are an HR manager: “We’ve designed a game plan around sustainability and I want every team member to engage.”
  • You are a marketing manager: “Before we start communicating to our external partners, we want every employee to be an ambassador of our sustainability strategy.”
  • You are CEO or an entrepreneur: “I feel the growing need to implement CSR and want to motivate my team to do the same”

and after the workshop sustainability… 

…you’ll have all the tools to implement your goals. With enthusiastic employees as your sustainability ambassadors. Excited to work for - and with – a changing company. Together with you. And us, to create your sustainable communication. Because once you’ve had a taste of what corporate social responsibility means to you, the whole world should know. We’ll make sure you have a strong communication strategy. And that your sustainability efforts blow your clients, partners and stakeholders’ socks off.