video marketing under high voltage

Sun and wind - the largest suppliers of renewable energy - depend on the weather and are therefore not permanently available. This makes the supply erratic and unstable. In comes Zenobē, the UK's largest battery storage operator committed to renewable energy, battery storage and electric buses. When the batteries no longer have enough capacity to power the buses, they are given a second life. Meet Björn!   

Electric bus batteries are recycled by Zenobē into large rechargeable charging stations. Companies connect them to their grid to store their own solar energy. This way, they guarantee themselves a reliable power supply of 100% self-generated energy. This feat makes Zenobē a unique player in the renewable energy market. And those second-hand batteries go places! To the Saudi desert, for example, where they supply solar power to the paddocks of Extreme E - an exciting Grand Prix for electric racing cars. But they also travel to Belgium, to the construction company Aertssen. Would we be interested in helping to highlight these projects?


Our approach

Our team brainstormed various concepts, determined a tone of voice, came up with a baseline, created an attractive design for the battery wrapping and wrote copy for a press release, landing page, social media posts and a video script, among others. 

In a dynamic video, the Extreme E-battery was given the name Björn and a life that had previously taken place in Sweden, as a bus battery. Now the adventurous Björn would get a second life as a world traveller.

The result

Björn's life remains a vivid way for Zenobē to explain the concept of circular batteries. One that is keenly viewed on their website but also on that of COP26. Meanwhile, we developed executive branding for the LinkedIn profiles of Zenobē's founders and are making plans for 2022. Aertssen was declared Enterprise of the Year 2021 and the company's investment in storing its own solar energy received quite some attention. 

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