vlam – landscape gardener

pop-up gardens as experiential marketing

A garden is a playground, a resting point, a place for yourself. Or as the Landscape Gardener’s strapline reads: ‘A garden is for full-on enjoyment’ – especially if it has been landscaped by an expert.

In order to convince city-dwellers of this too, we used experiential marketing: in 2018, there were two pop-up gardens in Hasselt and Kortrijk. Complete with local landscape gardeners and the lamest excuses to go and explore them. Welcome to the Any Excuse Garden(s)!

The Landscape Gardener is an initiative from VLAM - Flanders' Agricultural Marketing Board. Every year, VLAM organises numerous promotional campaigns to put Flemish landscape gardeners in the spotlight. In autumn 2018, we let their offering speak for itself with two pop-up gardens in places where a garden presents the biggest challenge: the heart of the city.

In The Any Excuse Gardens, not only were visitors able to hang out with friends, but they could also take part in the coolest open-air activities over the course of a month: from yoga lessons and flower arranging courses, to bike repair workshops. And it goes without saying that they could also pick up some free advice from local garden experts who had helped design the gardens. The garden experience was promoted on a campaign website, with digital excuses, via Facebook events, in emails, with online banners, with cool films and on the street with adverts on De Lijn buses.

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