VLAM floor

the flower of the flock when it comes to brand activation campaigns

Youngsters today have little or no room in their world for houseplants. VLAM, the Flemish agricultural marketing board, has been trying to reverse this trend for some years now.

Indeed, the organisation founded the Floor inspirational platform in 2013. Following a public tender, the VLAM jury selected the brand activation campaign by make sense.

Youths face too many and too wide a range of impulses every day to show any interest in houseplants. However, if they do not actively seek out plants, plants will have to find them. This is why make sense developed the 'Floor on the road’ campaign: a fun gang of houseplants climbed into a flower power van and set out on a four-week search for students. Because surely there is a plant out there for every student! A spicy pepper for the fiery types, a prominent azalea for the divas, or a cactus for the tough guys … With playfully described (human) character traits, students discovered the peculiarities of various types of houseplants.

A well-briefed promotion team helped students choose their plant. As soon as the youths had personalised their houseplant, they shared the campaign on social media with a fun selfie.

In addition to the development of the brand activation campaign, make sense thought of targeted Facebook ads and filled the Floor Facebook page with attractive content. Together with Metro, we set up an online competition whereby we helped youngsters find the perfect roommate (read: houseplant). The competition was supported both in the newspapers and online for the entire duration of the campaign. Thanks to an incentive programme for bloggers and press communication, the news was eagerly shared both online and offline.

During the first hours of the campaign, more than 300 plants were picked up by students in a hurry.

Every day, the target group was sharing over 100 photos on the Floor Facebook page, reaching about 150,000 members. Moreover, the number of unique visitors on the website doubled. The brand activation campaign was covered on national and local radio, on national television, and in the written press.

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