vlam - don’t cower from plant and flower

influencer campaign for greenhorns

No green thumb required. All it takes is knowing the manual to your plants.

In order to convince non-weeding Flanders of this fact, we launched an influencer campaign with plant lover Peter Van de Veire. The campaign was passed on both on and offline thanks to catchy radio ads and video clips, a website with green tips & tricks, and booklets and plant tags in over 200 participating stores. A real treat for greenhorns …

The Flemish agricultural marketing board (VLAM) promotes local products, including home-grown flowers and plants. The organization turned to our team to convince more Flemings to introduce green in their homes. So we came up with a funny influencer campaign that not only makes green more pop(u)lar, but also highlights the ease of maintenance of plants: ‘Don’t cower from plant and flower’.

Tending to flowers and plants is a breeze. But how do we convince those with no affinity for green, without coming across as patronizing? Our target group, Flemings between the ages of 24 and 54, are bombarded with hundreds of impulses via social media. Therefore, we primarily focused on raising awareness: ‘no, really, you shouldn’t cower from plant and flower’, and only then did we move on to the information phase with simple tips & tricks.


Comedy duo Peter Van de Veire (plant lover) and Angelo Dorny (plant expert) were made ambassadors of the campaign.

They put green in the spotlight in a dozen or so funny clips and a radio ad for Radio 1, Qmusic, Studio Brussel, MNM, … On the website groenisgoedtedoen.be (don’t cower from plant and flower) we continued this casual style; you can still visit this site for quick maintenance tips on your houseplant, patio plant, and cut flowers. The campaign continued to proliferate offline: in 200 stores shoppers were treated to a maintenance pocket booklet and a Peter plant tag.

The website received about 7,000 visits, and social media efforts also bore fruit: Local green received over 1, 500 page likes, and the posts were shared over 200 times. In addition, Peter and Angelo shared the pics and clips among their own network. A second wave followed in October 2018.

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