the building blocks for a robust renovation brand

Renovating is the new building. With the impending ban on new construction, building companies are focusing more on renovation projects in villages and cities.

For Durabrik renovation company Victor, we came up with a communication strategy that meets the needs of the target group and society as a whole. 

A subsidiary of Belgian company Durabrik, Victor specialises in renovation projects. The company upgrades existing residences, giving them a new life. To attune its communication more to the target group, Victor counted on the make sense team.

We started at the basis: along with the entire Victor team we looked at the key motivations for renovating, from comfort and functionality to authenticity and environmental considerations. Its tailored approach allows Victor to perfectly address any possible combination of factors. Therefore, we decided to highlight the professional advice and meticulous follow-up of the renovation expert. The new tone of voice sounds experienced, trustworthy, and nearby. We also touched up the corporate identity, emphasising style and experience.


The new communication strategy was immediately moulded into an experience magazine and a trade fair booth for Batibouw 2018.

A total of 2,000 magazines were distributed. The trade fair booth was not only met with excitement from clients, but also eagerly frequented by trade fair visitors.



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