vdk bank – 360° campaign

(even) better neighbours thanks to cross-channel marketing

vdk bank is its advisors. All of them people, neighbours, partners for life – to their customers and the wider community. And that is something worth sharing. As a loyal communication partner make sense developed a cross-channel marketing campaign to appeal to Flemish savers, borrowers and investors with the vdk advisors’ undeniably humane and sustainable approach.

social bank, social bankers

vdk bank differs from other Belgian banks in two ways: its family and personal policy and its focus on sustainable and ethical banking. In short, there is no bank more social than vdk bank. Who better than a sincere, trusted vdk advisor to embody this message.


from keyword research tot video production


Our team handled the strategy, concept, communication and production of the complete campaign. We elaborated a media and communication plan, set up a content calendar, carried out target audience analysis and online keyword research, wrote scripts for radio and video, compiled mood boards and art boards, organized four video shoots and a photo shoot with each of the 150+ vdk faces and gave vdk bank a unique sound identity. That’s how we translated the message into several radio commercials on Qmusic and Radio 2, a series of online video ads, social media posts and paid ads on YouTube, Facebook, Het Nieuwsblad (a newspaper in Flanders) and an online landing page as the first meeting point – after which the vdk employees took over.

close by with online & offline marketing campaign

We brought the advisors literally and figuratively closer to those in Flanders who consciously save, borrow and invest with a wide image campaign on different online and offline channels. The vdk colleagues jumped from radio channels to online screens, from the streets to online newspapers and revealed themselves on social media and their personal contact page. The tone of voice of the campaign matched the advisors’: no-nonsense, clear, kind and welcoming entrepreneurs and small savers alike.



the result?

About 150 good neighbours and 9.678 visitors on the contact page. During the campaign a lot of conscious savers, borrowers and investors from Brussels, Antwerp and the region of Ghent found their way to a trusted vdk advisor in their neighbourhood.

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