sustainable branding for a water brand with a mission

More than 70% of the world’s population still drinks bottled water on a daily basis. 

To make the masses aware of the impact of plastic bottles on the environment and to convince them of the advantages of tap water, we have joined forces with Unilever to launch 'B-Better' - a water brand with a mission. We took on the sustainable branding from A to Z: from a sustainability analysis and brand positioning (CSR strategy) to creative concept to a national media campaign and the development/execution of all communication media (communication).

‘We’re not perfect yet, but we go for better. Tap water is without a doubt the best option in our fight against waste, but it isn’t always readily available. And sometimes you just crave something different. That’s where B-Better Water comes in’
a sustainable water brand for the masses

Money can change the world. More than 2.5 billion people buy a Unilever product daily, and Hélène Esser and Kris Michiels realised what kind of responsibility that brings along. The colleagues at Unilever brought together their vision and experience in the soft drink category to develop a drink that is not only healthy, but also environmentally friendly. The moment they had a prototype, the ambitious duo started looking for a communication partner who would be able to put their brand on the market in a sustainable way. Our team guides B-Better from a commercial water brand with sustainability ambitions to a sustainable water brand for the masses. We analysed the (potential) impact of the brand and its packaging, defined the product launch strategy, gave the brand a bold corporate identity, organised video and photo shoots, wrote the brand story, designed the website, created online ads, created a monthly social media calendar and launched the brand with a national media campaign.

‘Eco-consciousness is popular in the drinks category, but there is a field of tension between what people say and do', Unilever explains. That’s why B-Better wants to get people moving by lowering the threshold to tap water: first from single-use plastic to a plant-based drink carton, to end up with a reusable drinking bottle for personalised water. B-Better's first product is water stored in a recyclable box that consists of more than 90% plant-based material - FSC-certified drink carton and plastic from wood industry residues. The water itself is available in several versions: natural mineral water, fruit water and water with added vitamins and minerals. With the natural aromas and vitamins on the one hand and the larger 75cl packaging on the other hand, B-Better wants to encourage consumers to drink more water. ‘People often choose soft drinks because they get tired of water. And if you want to refuel with extra vitamins, you often get loaded with unnecessary calories and sugar. Anyone who drinks B-Better Water still drinks mainly water, and chooses what he or she wants to add to it themselves.’

B-Better is currently working hard on a reusable drinking bottle and capsules with which you can adjust water from the tap to your own taste and potential deficiencies. The brand promotes clean-up initiatives and involves its community in the fight against litter with a #2piecesaday-challenge on social media. Moreover, 1% of the proceeds of each box goes to local litter projects. More about the water brand at b-better.today.

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