a green experience disguised as paradise

Back to the roots: In the winter of 2014, the organisers of Tomorrowland went looking for a partner with a green thumb to immerse festivalgoers into a green fairy-tale world.

So we created a piece of (hidden) paradise on the pond of the Limburg festival grounds.

Together with Tomorrowland and its partner MasterCard, make sense developed a floating stage with a veritable VIP area and relaxing areas in the form of islands. 

The paradise surrounded a DJ booth, dance floor, gin bars, and herb gardens where guests could pick fresh mint and lemon balm to pimp their cocktails. We put the finishing touch to the garden of Eden with secret nooks, regal fountains, exotic palm trees, bloodthirsty plants, lemon shrubs, … Thus creating a complete green experience on the water. ‘Tomorrowland is a mystery.’ Ready to dive in?


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