satellite industries

csr scan and exhibition campaign for a spotless image

Satellite Industries wanted to optimise its sustainable image for the purpose of developing a long-term communication strategy that would be launched during its exhibition at the EUROTOI 2020 international trade fair. The world's largest supplier of mobile restrooms is definitely sustainable, but the average user can't see or smell this (yet). The European company wanted us to tell them how they could promote their sustainable story in a clear, credible way. Our team immediately got to work with a CSR scan as the basis for a communication strategy, and a funny concept for a fresh exhibition campaign.


Satellite Industries is the world's largest supplier of portable sanitation facilities – from high-quality toilet cubicles and hand wash stations, to urinals and biodegradable odour removers. The recyclable plastic toilet cubicles are a regular presence at festivals, as well as numerous company events and construction sites. And the toilet supplier knows where things just don’t flush: plastic cabins, a not so comfortable pot and odd-coloured toilet liquid. They asked our team: 'How can we make our users aware of the benefits – because they do exist?' and 'How can we integrate the sustainable aspect, and credibly convey this to both B2B and B2C customers?’ Our answer: by means of a smart strategy and a spring-fresh communication concept.


from csr scan to creative concept

We screened Satellite Industries on a number of sustainability topics – plastic use, rinsing agents and waste management – and processed all the data into a clear CSR scan, as a basis for the communication strategy and creative concept. We focused directly on the end user for the exhibition campaign to get the B2B sector on board as well. To highlight the sustainable nature of the plastic cubicles – they have an average lifespan of 15 years – we literally let them speak for themselves: ‘I last longer than your car/marriage/the average employee in your company…’ A cheeky tone of voice, with a credible message. We emphasised our message with colourful images and an unequivocal body text.


rollout of the exhibition campaign

We rolled out the campaign on social media and Satellite Industries' website. At EUROTOI we provided leaflets, roll-up banners and A4 stickers for the toilet cabins and urinals, and fragrant car air fresheners as original trade fair gadgets.

from csr scan to creative concept

the result

With our CSR scan, we laid the foundation for a clear communication strategy which will strengthen Satellite Industries' sustainable image in the long term. Our creative concept taught pigeonholers to put their toilet trips into perspective anywhere in Europe: the marketing material can be perfectly adapted to each customer’s needs.

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