online marketing campaign with a corporate video for green urban living

Revive's sustainability story is one of the more authentic ones. A real story about green leaders who are conquering the whole of Belgium, the world and the future with self-sufficient neighbourhoods in the middle of cities. This is because the project developer not only builds sustainable city districts, but also measures its social impact with its own sustainability meter. We made it tangible for all target groups and captured their impact story through the creative communication concept 'Beats of society'.  


sustainability meter for vibrant neighbourhoods and neighbours

As pioneers in sustainable real estate development, Ghent-based Revive is reviving old, industrial brownfield land and neglected sites in the middle of cities into the green urban hubs of the future, vibrant neighbourhoods, with smart technology and renewable energy, bringing together everything and everyone that works and lives there.

With their Build Massive Impact Index or BMI Index, they also measure the sustainability or societal impact of each project and test it against various criteria - from energy and materials, tranquillity and (open) space to greenery, sociability and healthy mobility.

But how do you convey such a complex message to your target group(s)?

By means of a ready-made online marketing campaign, of course.

from sustainability report to video production to social media campaign 

First, CSR manager Jo highlighted the most stand-out claims from their sustainability report. After that, the rest of our team went over the strategy and concept. Since an internal measuring tool like the BMI index is a difficult concept for non-Revivers, we focused on what the different target groups are interested in. What makes their hearts beat faster, so to speak.  

Because for Roger, the vegetable gardener, sustainable water management is a big deal; for his adolescent neighbour, it's the parties in the neighbourhood barn. Say hi to the communication concept ‘Beats of society’. We provided mood boards, a communication plan and a content calendar and translated the BMI story to the Revive website. We brought it to life in an inspiring video production that showcases the versatility of the BMI index and all Revive projects. Our team took care of the script, casting, production and post-production of the entire corporate video.   

Additionally, our professional photo shoot provided striking images for the social media campaign. It not only makes the BMI index comprehensible for the general public through a series of social posts and paid advertisements, but also immediately highlights all the sustainable pillars and claims of the various new construction and renovation projects. 


to the beat of each target group

Using the BMI index, each target group - tenant, buyer, or investor - can determine its own beat, and choose what it considers important. Renewable energy? The proximity of a city? Accessibility for wheelchair users? Or room for cohousing? Your Revive project has it, and with the BMI index you can measure it. 

In the meantime, Roger continues to provide his tomato plants with recycled rainwater and our team continues to build on the communication for even more future-proof projects of this sustainable property developer. 

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