provincie west-vlaanderen

kick-off event for a ballsy climate plan

West Flanders aspires to achieve CO2 neutrality by 2030. 

The province asked us to clearly inform its staff about the internal climate plan. Because we fully support this objective, we kicked off the ambitious programme with a ballsy kick-off event.

Climate change, CO2 neutrality, CO2 emissions, CO2 reduction … Before the province went to work with these terms, we wanted to render them more tangible for all parties involved. CO2 neutrality means that no additional carbon gases are emitted outside of the natural carbon cycle. This eliminates the province’s impact on the climate, thus removing its contribution to climate change. With the motto ‘We go for zero!' we moulded the staff into climate plan ambassadors with the following objective: zero emissions. The symbol for our campaign was a very appropriate big, fat zero in the shape of an enormous carbon dioxide ball.

We launched the event with a robust take-off campaign: we designed posters, sent out e-vites, delivered round invitations, ...            

‘The ballsy climate plan’ was presented at the kick-off event in the council room of the Boeverbos provincial house. West-Flemish stand-up comedian Gunter Lamoot kept the mood light with an us against them quiz: at their own risk, staff members faced off with the delegates and the registrar; the team that answered incorrectly was assailed with a gigantic CO2 ball. By the end of the quiz, the entire room was filled with carbon dioxide. Then, each staff member received a CO2 top trumps card game to take with them to lunch, featuring the emissions of pool cars, leaf blowers, and coffee machines. This way, the ambassadors had plenty of practice in order to emit as little carbon dioxide as possible by collecting the most CO2 neutral objects.

The provincial house’s council room was filled to the rafters. We puzzled the round invitations together into a large spherical structure informing or reminding Boeverbos visitors of the ambitious objective put forth by West Flanders: ‘We go for zero!’

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