creative workshop for a cleaner (micro) society

Our downstairs neighbours are looking towards the future. A service company located just outside the Ghent ring road, ISS wants to help build a solidary city, a child-friendly city, and especially a climate-neutral city. We gladly helped them come up with clean ideas for Ghent Climate-Proof City during a creative workshop with sustainability expert Jo.

ISS is the Belgian branch of the international ISS Facility Service, which supports companies by providing cleaning, catering, safety, maintenance and other services. The employees help buildings evolve over time, giving residents peace of mind. This is how our neighbours help shape the future.


‘the youth holds the future’

Believing that the youth holds the future, ISS wanted to submit two cool project proposals with the city of Ghent to raise awareness regarding big sustainability themes among young people. And what’s a better place to reach youngsters than the micro society where they share opinions and experiences, absorb knowledge and shape values? The place where climate actions turn into protests of international stature? Right: at school! We put ISS employees on the right track via a creative workshop.

creative brainstorming event

Jo started with a quiz on ISS’s sustainable initiatives – the cleaning of bicycle sheds in Ghent, work shoes with the EU Ecolabel, how-to videos on the recycling of cleaning equipment, language training for foreign-language speaking employees, etc. Within this scope, several topics came up and participants started working with them in groups of two or three people. To enrich the brainstorming session, we showed them several techniques, ranging from associations, combinations and abstractions to the SCAMPER method and “How cool would it be if...”. All ideas were written down on Post-it notes and classified under the P of People, Planet or Profit. We then checked them against the core business of ISS. Two ideas were developed into an official project proposal and visually enhanced.

ISS was able to submit two beautiful project proposals with the city of Ghent thanks to the creative workshop: a plant room to compare and improve classrooms’ indoor air quality, and a competition to combat water wastage. Thanks to the open space for reflection, the employees ended up with plenty of inspiration for future projects.

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