incofin cvso - investor event

how to create ambassadors during an annual meeting

With the contributions from over 2,000 investors, Incofin cvso makes the dreams of entrepreneurs worldwide come true.

The Belgian microfinancing fund counted on us to translate their baseline 'small investment, large impact’ to an interactive annual meeting. At the ‘Investor Event’, we showed the investors the impact of their investment, and declared them ambassadors on the spot.

Since late 2016, Incofin cvso has been working closely together with make sense for the branding of the ethical fund. We worked out image and media campaigns, a new website, newsletters … When in early 2018 they wished to add some freshness to their annual meeting, we gladly obliged and developed an interactive event for them.

Regardless of the size of their investment, the shareholders of Incofin cvso have a global impact: they make the dreams of entrepreneurs in developing countries come true. Hence, the make sense team wanted to take on the annual meeting to create an experience whereby (potential) investors came face to face with 'their’ foreign project. We turned it into an ‘Investor Event’ by and for ambassadors.

In order to garner interest from our target group, we gave away a trip to Paraguay to one of the registered visitors.

During the event itself a discussion panel and a Q&A session were hosted on the topic of social performance management. Afterwards, participants had the opportunity to meet local project associates and sample some tasty treats in an African school or Kazakh Yurt. We provided the complete experience - from video montages, media campaigns, and creative invitations to an event website and a new registration system to give substance and framing to the event.

The nearly 300 attendees had high praise for the interactive approach - and Incofin cvso management also called it ‘the best edition ever’.

Meanwhile, we were made the permanent communications partner to the Belgian microfinancing fund, and continue to eagerly surprise both the fund and its target group.

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