incofin cvso - annual report

how an annual report becomes the talk of the town, both online and offline

Incofin cvso’s shareholders once again achieved their goal in 2018: making a difference for brave entrepreneurs worldwide. This is not just a rubber stamp. It was measured using the 169 SDG indicators – UN goals which are part of the 2030 sustainable development agenda. We thanked the 2,288 investors by including their stories in a captivating annual report and organising a festive ‘Investor Event’ in the Handelsbeurs Concert Hall in Ghent.

The Belgian micro financing fund, Incofin cvso, supports small to medium entrepreneurs from Ecuador to Mongolia with its investments. Its main goal? Helping them to get started and improve their living conditions. This year, the investment fund wanted to thank its shareholders for their direct contribution to 6 universal sustainability goals: reducing poverty, hunger and (gender) inequality, and stimulating economic growth and innovation in at least 30 developing countries. That called for an annual report, including a great party and numerous wonderful stories to pass on.

from a vibrant annual report to a great vibe in the handelsbeurs concert hall.

Incofin cvso called on our team to translate its shareholders’ impact into a comprehensive annual report, appropriately revolving around the SDGs. We interviewed board members and investors, gathered entrepreneurs’ stories, wrote articles and subsequently transformed them into a captivating annual report of 43 pages. We highlighted the vast positive impact through videos and social media posts, e-mails and an interactive investment event.

For the 2019 annual meeting, we built on the momentum of the previous ‘best edition ever’  and once again organised an interactive event for and by ambassadors. On the agenda: a general shareholders’ meeting, a panel discussion and a Q&A session based on testimonials from the end customers – vulnerable traders, from cocoa farmers and bakers to women suffering discrimination and tanners. Our team developed a content calendar and got to work: from video editing and (social) media campaignssave the dates and creative online invitations to a professional event website. For the elaboration and decoration of the event, we focused on an all-round experience. This was translated into a smooth reception system with visitor registration and name tags, an original set-up and a customised catering service. We displayed the 6 different SDGs by means of coloured ribbons and light boxes, and the accompanying panels included specific information for the ambassadors to read. In addition, they were able to literally taste their worldwide impact thanks to exotic appetizers and well-stocked goodie bags full of treats from the grateful entrepreneurs.

the result

Last year’s success was surpassed with an annual report that became the talk of the town, both online and offline, and an annual meeting that was referred to once again as ‘the best edition ever’. The Belgian micro financing fund can continue to count on us as their communication partner.