strategic brand positioning for evolta

strategic positioning, rebranding and communication concept

Evolta builds bridges. And you might want to take that literally. The engineering and architecture agency consulted us for a strategic brand positioning exercise. To create a strong market position. Based on internal values, which are perfectly in line with external expectations. Result? A rebranding with binding communication concept and a buzzing surprise event.

Evolta is a versatile engineering and architecture agency which connects and meets. They want to build a bridge between designers, builders, governments, architects, nature, contractors, citizens, you name it. By designing a beautiful world in balance for happy people in development and sustainable companies on the move.

The agency carries out different values in its daily operations. They see themselves as inventive, resilient, open-hearted and ambitious. Our team analysed if both clients and employees link these values to the organisation. How do they see the future? Are these strengths emphasised enough and what opportunities do they have to get a stronger market position.

our approach: focus groups & strategic brand positioning

The make sense team organised different focus groups for employees, clients and partners. They were invited to our loft, the Reylof hotel in Ghent and Antwerp to discuss some invaluable topics. Which enabled us to detect values, expectations and perceptions around Evolta with anyone involved. Goal: collecting strategic recommendations and drawing guidelines for the future.

Results of the focus groups: the values that Evolta wishes to carry out no longer fit with the perceptions of partners and employees. Distinctive assets seem to vanish to the background. Which is why our team created a strategic rebranding.


rebranding with co-creation

Evolta builds bridges and brings differences together, which was also the case during the rebranding. Art director Leen, account manager Maarten, content director Karen and graphic designers from our creative hub worked together – through a branding workshop – with Evolta employees. Or better: co-created the rebranding.


They came up with a new branding featuring a fresh new brand identity and inspiring baseline: bridging passion and precision. So to say: connecting passion and precision, in everything they do.

The new brand identity and baseline were translated into different tools. The agency got a shiny new Evolta website including team pictures shot by Isabelle Pateer. Extra asset: the website is available as online portfolio for client prospections and business events. Our graphic team also created online presentation templates and email signatures. Offline the rebranding was shaped into a brochure, note pad and folding binder, but also into name cards, mugs, flags and tote bags. You name it, we’ve made it. The cherry on top? A buzzing surprise event for clients.

surprise events for clients

Reasons enough to celebrate, right? That’s why our team organised an inspiring surprise event to present Evolta’s rebranding. In their brand new office of all places. The new brand identity was featured in an inspiring ‘passion and precision room’. Guests could experience the new baseline first hand and even build a virtual bridge.

nele de smet: ‘spread the love’

managing director Nele De Smet: “our tagline for 2022 was ‘spread the love’, a translation of our intentions to share our Evolta DNA with the world. Matching our look and feel with who we are, in the here and the now, with respect for our tradition, and always in dialogue with our network. Those were crucial aspects of this project. make sense was our ideal partner, not only to implement the identification of our DNA, but also to visualise all tools of our brand identity and make them tangible. It genuinely makes me happy to see the results and how much enthusiasm it brings within the organisation.”


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