from csr to rebranding with international brand story

communication strategy with a spotlight on circularity

Ecubel, buyer of IT material, came to us with an exciting question. Develop a futureproof and international brand story. Including a rebranding with a sharp focus on sustainability. Challenge accepted. Let’s go. With sharpened knives and tons of creativity. Result? A fresh new branding with several communication tools, a catchy baseline and a future-proof brand story.  

communication strategy for a circular and future-proof story

Buying second-hand IT material to give hardware a second life, that’s what Ecubel does. Since 1985. Talking about pioneers. To stay ahead of competitors, as the Belgian market leader, they were looking for ways to communicate more strategically. On top of that they were excited to spread their wings in the rest of Europe. Wishlisted: a positive, warm and distinctive brand story to highlight the warm and circular characteristics of Ecubel.

let’s rebrand

Roll up those sleeves, sharpen your focus. Based on Jo’s short sustainability scan, we developed a brand strategy and started to rebrand. The central message came to life with the new baseline ‘Making your hardware count’. Ecubel? That’s circularity, inclusion and a lot of positive impact.

making your hardware count

We translated the full rebranding including the tagline into various types of communication tools. Ranging from business cards to templates and social visuals. But also to ‘Making your hardware countsweaters and original suggestions for branded trucks.

Showpiece of the entire rebranding? A new website fitting the fresh and improved brand identity. Team content started writing and translated the sustainability approach into a strong, international brand story. Including a key word search and integrated SEO copywriting. While graphic design went all loose to create a fitting web design.

sustainable communication strategy: the Ecubel Foundation

Ecubel is a warm company with a heart for society. Unfortunately these amazing characteristics weren’t enhanced enough. Our communication advice? Start an Ecubel Foundation. To highlight the brand story that differentiates them from competitors. Donating hardware? You’re not only contributing to a circular society. You also invest in planting trees, help youngsters with accessible therapy or support people who are unemployed in developing their digital talent. To summarize: you are an integral part in building a sustainable and inclusive society. By making your hardware count.


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