direct marketing with a sustainable result

When Ecover expanded its range in 2016, the household product brand also polished up its baseline and packaging.

The Belgian brand turned to us to introduce its new corporate identity to the press and its professional clients, with a green direct marketing campaign.

Ecover is a paragon of sustainability, more so than any other household product brand. So we took the new baseline literally, and let nature tell the story of the brand. We brought ‘Get nature on your side’ to life with a direct marketing campaign targeting Ecover retailers and carefully selected journalists. They each received a self-pollinating apple tree in a tree-friendly packaging, complete with green tips and the new baseline. Nothing was left to chance: the couriers followed a sophisticated playbook, handing over the Ecover package personally to the target group.

Our personal approach hit its mark.

Follow-up calls revealed only positive reactions on the new house style and green message of the Belgian brand.

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