dutch sustainable fashion week

We buckled down for sustainable fashion

You need 2,700 litres of water to make 1 cotton T-shirt. The most sustainable choice might be not wearing any clothes at all. The alternative is sustainable fashion. But what is sustainable to you? Is it about an eco-friendly production process? Or employees enjoying good working conditions? Any idea what the impact of your choice of clothes is on the world? During the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week, we invited consumers to shoot questions at shops and brands, and engage in conversation. Because together is the only way towards more sustainable fashion. 

Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week, for more sustainable fashion.

This year saw the 7th edition of the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week (DSFW). Different from any other! No talked-about shows, but an even bigger focus on transparency in the high street. The DSFW wants to raise awareness among consumers about the impact of their clothing choice on other people and the environment. At the same time, it offers a platform to brands and shops to highlight their sustainable clothes. While there is of course room for improvement in the fashion industry, we should also be proud of the steps that have already been taken. This may give other brands and shops just that little push to go down the same road. 

Making great strides together

We designed the “great strides” concept in order to positively communicate progress in the fashion industry. We created footprints with the message “Together we are making great strides towards responsible fashion” in bright, trendy colours and prints. We developed a ready-made retail communication package for participating shops and brands, including posters, floor stickers, countertop cards and a road map. Printed sustainably, of course. This allowed them to put their shop’s sustainable clothing in the spotlight and encourage consumers to engage in conversation. We also developed online retail communication, including banners and social media posts for the web shops. We buckled down even more, and together with Modint and Inretail, organised a webinar during the DSFW with tips for participants.

making great strides together

the result

DSFW2020 was a great success, despite Covid-19. Once again, there were hundreds of participants; from small boutiques to well-known clothing brands and large retail chains. There is still a lot of work to be done, but together we continue to make great strides towards responsible fashion.