de trog

sustainability manifesto as a marketing instrument

Biobakery De Trog integrates the latest technologies into its production process to remain faithful to the soul of its bread: artisanal, pure, and organic.

The bakery has a passion for timeless quality, for bread of a sustainable nature. De Trog is keen to transmit its message by way of a sustainability manifesto, with the able help of make sense.

Bakery De Trog digitizes to support its workers, not the other way around. Unlike industrial competitors, it works with no fewer than 26 teams to guarantee the quality of its bread. Each team consists of skilled bakers with a passion for artisanal bread. In 2015, De Trog was rightly awarded the Factory of the Future Award for its proactiveness, innovation, and long-term vision.

The bakery set its sights on sustainability, and wants to share its vision with bread-loving Flanders. We knead its artisanal dough into a bite-size manifesto with interviews, quotes, pictures, and a layout to highlight the old soul and contrarian outlook of this pioneer.

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