csr flanders

a csr community thanks to authentic content

With the ‘CSR Flanders’ platform, the Flemish government’s department of work and social economy seeks to promote sustainable business.

The Flemish region was eager to work with us to boost the theme of sustainability across all of their channels. So we naturally became … CSR Flanders.

CSR Flanders is a starting and meeting place for anyone with an interest in socially responsible business. The website features a wide array of tools and information organizations can use to develop their corporate social responsibility: CSR in the media, a CSR scan and management system, advice per sector and theme, subsidies, … Our team handled the content follow-up of all online channels. The challenge was clear: to significantly enhance interest in sustainable business.

By shifting the focus from content sharing to content creation, we promoted CSR and sustainable business among Flemish SMEs. The website, newsletter, Twitter, and LinkedIn were all used to inspire the target group with experiences shared by start-ups and business leaders from small and medium-sized enterprises. Questions received in the CSR Flanders mailbox received specialised and tailored advice. Moreover, we urged all organisations to sign up on the website themselves and submit bits of news or events, share experiences, exchange information, …

On social media, we tied the themes to the seven pillars of the CSR scan in order to give a sense of direction to our target group

‘honest commerce’, ‘a good employer’, 'human rights’, ‘caring for consumers’, ‘caring for the environment’, ‘sound management’, and ‘social involvement’. Via the online channels of CSR Flanders, we aimed to develop a sense of community within the socio-economic sectors in Flanders. To invite businesses to join the debate, and to enhance the authenticity of CSR Flanders, we used a moderating tone of voice.

Offline we continued along this vein with the CSR table: a standout booth with which to approach our target group during conferences or corporate events.

Visitors to the CSR table were invited to share their questions on sustainable business, and to sign up for the newsletter of CSR Flanders. Afterwards they received a green present with a link to the website.

The result? Between 2017 and 2018, visits to the CSR Flanders website increased by over 20%. The number of users rose by 23.4%. 

They returned more often for more, and viewed a larger number of pages per visit. These numbers exceeded the website usage expectations by half. CSR Flanders gained more renown on social media as well: CSR Flanders’ reach quadrupled and the number of Twitter mentions rose by a whopping 550%. Thanks to our robust online presence, www.mvovlaanderen.be is quickly becoming the beating heart of the CSR community in Flanders and far beyond.

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