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from a sound communication strategy to engaging sustainability content marketing

Fibre-cement façade materialmanufacturer EQUITONE sought (and found, in us)a partner to help them develop a clear and effective communication strategy.Their main challenge? Transformingtheirrather complicated and often technical informationintoengaging content, tailored fortheir different target audiences. Internally: colleagues. Externally: mainly architects. Their main story to tell? Their progress in terms of sustainability.Our team crafted killer content marketing strategy around EQUITONE’s global sustainabilityapproach. We produced the strategy, concept, creation, and translations in over 20 different languages. 


catering to their different audiences

A brand for and by architects. That’s how EQUITONE perceives itself. As part of the bigger Etex group, the manufacturer has been a significant player on the international market. With circularity embedded in EQUITONE’s vision, they want to become the go-to brand for architects with a passion for sustainable building projects.

Months of intense collaboration between EQUITONE, ourselves and a focus group of international industry professionals resulted in a sound sustainability communication strategy. The biggest challenge was reaching and engaging the different target audiences. 


Architects, on the one hand, need clear and easy-to-use tools to help them with their research and designs. Whereas employees, like marketing managers and sales representatives, need to understand and believe the sustainability goals, so they can spread the company’s vision and story.


ready, set, content marketing strategy

Our creatives quickly came up with a marketing concept around the idea of reincarnation. ‘Do you believe in the afterlife? Let’s explore circular building together.’ became the baseline of EQUITONE’s sustainability story. But not before we checked with our partners of the Do Not Smile-network and EQUITONE colleagues around the globe. Why? To make sure the concept takes any cultural sensitivities into account.


Our team built a content strategy around the 3 main pillars of EQUITONE’s sustainability story: circular design, light-impact construction, radical collaboration. We actively collaborated with EQUITONE throughout the entire project to provide them – whenever necessary – with content-related, strategic and conceptual advice. Giving them the tools to communicate the right message on the right channel at the right time for every target audience. 


sharing their story through multiple mediums

A strong communication concept stands or falls with its implementation. Our team of content marketeers and graphic designers created an interactive sustainability manifest. With 'Material Sustainability Datasheets’, we provided architects and employees with concrete proof points in terms of the sustainable characteristics of the materials. And we collaborated with Katchi to film video interviews with people from across all departments of the organisation – each telling how they contribute daily to EQUITONE’s sustainability story.


We also translated the sustainability story to the website, with webpages dedicated to EQUITONE’s ambition, each of the sustainability pillars, and the story told by different employees from different countries. Our copywriters rewrote and updated existing pages to incorporate the sustainability story eve-ry-where. Never stop a winning team. So we also created a social media strategy and content, a newsletter, press release, ads, e-mail signatures, Teams backgrounds, Google Display Network ads, print mailings … You name it, we made it.  


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