40 years of comeos

collective reflection at a sustainable event

In order to celebrate its 40-year existence, Comeos as an advocate of the commercial sector wished to further highlight the sustainable efforts by its members.

Not with some stuffy presentation, mind you, but with a sustainable event. At ‘Reflection’, we literally held up a mirror to the sector.

In its anniversary year, Comeos mainly wished to place its members in the limelight. The organisation bundled the sustainable efforts made by the commercial sector in a comprehensive report that offered greater insight into the key trends and developments in the field of socially responsible enterprise. In order to translate its findings for the sector and promote new initiatives, Comeos called upon make sense.

Our team went looking for a format that – more than a conventional presentation – made Belgian traders reflect on their achievements in order to inspire them for the future. So we created a dynamic event.

Since the Comeos sustainability report was based on the current needs and expectations of the consumer, we wished to continue along this line with the event.

We decided to have the wide audience talk about the conclusions of the sustainability report in a tangible and representative manner. We dubbed it ‘Reflection’: we literally held up a mirror to the sector. The presentation screen consisted of a large mirror displaying the reactions from a similar audience in the same room. The evening consisted of three themes; per theme we invited three audience members to share their expectations with their colleagues. An animation video was displayed at the same time, clarifying in a refreshing manner that major leaps have already been made regarding sustainability in the commercial sector.

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