professional website tells climate-neutral story

CO2logic’s climate mission? To have companies take responsibility for their carbon footprint instead of passing the buck to our future generations. To support those companies in achieving carbon neutrality, all while driving large-scale change. The official reward: the recognised CO2-Neutral® label. Our role in this? Showing CO2logic how to upgrade their communication regarding the label and translating their content into a user-friendly, strategic website that matches their brand identity. Teaching them how to structurally promote their ‘credible climate action’ slogan and concisely inform their website visitors. That’s why our copy team – together with the digital project manager – got to work on a clear, professional website with bold English copy.


‘everyone carbon-neutral by 2050’ 

With the ‘everyone carbon-neutral by 2050’ motto, CO2logic wants to actively support its customers in their journey to carbon neutrality, being the first organisation in Belgium to do so, and a pioneer at European level. How do they do it? With four simple steps: calculating the carbon footprint, actively reducing carbon emissions, offsetting the remainder, and last but not least: communicating it. Any brand, company, product, service or event which successfully completes this four-step method will be rewarded with the CO2-Neutral® label, officially recognised by the Belgian inspection and certification body Vinçotte. But how do you convey this message in one go? How do you translate it into a professional website with bite-sized content? That’s what our team figured out – and delivered.


from content scan to bite-sized website 

We carried out an extensive content scan of the existing website regarding the CO2-Neutral® label, fine-combing the scientific information. We bundled and (re)used relevant information – the label’s how, why and what – to create an easy-to-digest story with a clear roadmap for potential climate heroes. We shaped bold English copy into a professional, structured website:

the result

A clear, user-friendly website that perfectly matches the label’s brand identity and exhibits its high quality. The smooth copy efficiently guides visitors through the site and encourages them – together with CO2logic – to fight climate change and secure the future of the planet, mankind and the environment.

professional website tells climate-neutral story

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