CSR workshop for a sustainable outlook

Sustainable business is no longer a plus, it is fast becoming a requirement.

This has not escaped the attention of Christeyns: in order to respond to the trends within the company and among its professional clients, the hygiene expert turned to make sense. We were eager to help the Christeyns staff find the right path at a CSR workshop.

As an expert in hygienic chemistry, Christeyns supplies cleaning products to companies from a range of sectors. ‘Striving for a cleaner tomorrow’ is their baseline, setting the tone for the annual teambuilding. In order to open up the topic of sustainable business across all departments, the Marketing team and the R&D and Operations teams participated in a CSR workshop at make sense.

CSR consultant Jo gave substance to the term with a sustainability quiz. All aspects of the theme were covered: from its impact on corporate life and the political agenda, to the importance of socially responsible business for (employer) branding and the orientation of a company. Then the participants had a look at themselves. Together, we discussed the value of the different parts and aspects for all Christeyns stakeholders. Moreover, the teams gained more insight into the steps the company is already taking in terms of sustainability, such as water and energy savings, heat recovery from waste water, and the deeply rooted philosophy of the manufacturer.

The foundation had been laid down; by the end of the workshop the teams made concrete commitments to list their sustainability efforts and to communicate them both internally and externally.

Thus, CSR not only impacts Christeyns policy, but also constitutes an integral part of the corporate identity.

A CSR workshop brings departments together and brings sustainability to life in your company. Interested? Contact CSR consultant Jo at 09 336 78 93 or via

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