brand personality for Younited

tone of voice, content plan & social media strategy

Social impact is the reason of existence for entrepreneur Younited. The organisation has an exciting way of reaching that goal: football. Younited exists, at the base, out of locally anchored Younited teams: football clubs for and with players facing vulnerability in terms of housing facility, mental health, wellbeing, poverty, addiction…Or to say as Younited would: experts in day-to-day survival. Somebody who’s struggling and trying to survive on a daily basis – even a coach on the sidelines- doesn’t have time for communication. That’s why we sharpened their brand personality, and laid the groundwork to write a fitting brand voice, tone of voice, copywriting guide and content plan.  

the question

The question of Younited Belgium, which is the national unit to coordinate local teams, was threefold:

  • increase brand awareness and visibility of the organisation
  • develop a communication strategy
  • visualize the Younited-players in an empowering way

Challenging however, was the organisational structure of Younited. Social organisations such as OCMW coordinate the recruitment and coaching of the players. Professional football clubs support the Younited teams and their coaches. And finally, every individual team is also involved with local partners and social organizations, such as city councils or sponsoring companies.

wanted: communication strategy

To conclude: every team has its own composition and characteristics. The main question was how Younited can unite this melting pot of colour locale? How can we let different teams communicate. In the same way? How will local teams talk to the national unit? What are the existing struggles for those teams in order to communicate? And of course how can we fix it?

first step: a brand personality workshop

Our answer: start by defining your brand personality. In short, a brand personality is a set of human characteristics which are given to a brand, as if the brand were a person. Defining a tone of voice or making a brand writing guide? A shot in the dark without that brand identity. So we organised an exciting workshop together. Only two hours later Younited had its own brand personality, brand voice and tone of voice. We renamed Younited to ‘volkse magiër’. Which is, loosely translated, a folky magician. Making dreams come true of people who are experts in surviving on a daily basis. He helps them to discover who they are and what they want in society. Habemus brand personality. One down.

brand voice vs tone of voice

The brand voice explains what the ‘volkse magiër’ stands for: warmth, accessibility and professionalism. He wants to unite and builds a community with non-conventional and innovative solutions. Characteristics that need to be embedded in everything he says, writes and does. His tone of voice depends on the situation, emotion or media channel, but is always in line with that brand voice. Copywriters Karen and Inke wrote everything down in a Younited writing guide: a reference book with clear examples which can be used by anyone involved.

social media strategy

Once we had a clear brand identity, brand voice and tone of voice, it became a lot easier to make a social media strategy including useful advice on the different channels of Younited. We scanned the website and social media profiles to give advice on some quick wins. We consulted on small gestures to improve the useability of the website, for example. Or narrowed down different target audiences for all media channels. Cherry on top? Graphic designer Ward created social media design for all channels to visually match Younited’s brand identity on all platforms.

to finish: a content plan

To get a nice overview of all communication goals, target audiences and social media strategy, we also made a content plan template. We advised some relevant content and also helped on styling and themes: what do you write about, how do you write, what do you pay attention to…The calendar was put online for all local teams to use. The football teams found inspiration for their own Facebook page and got the opportunity to share their local news on the channels of the national unit. Communicating and interchanging useful information was born, our job done.


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