blue gate antwerp

branding a circular business park

Petroleum South has a new purpose. The former heart of the Antwerp petroleum industry was rechristened ‘Blue Gate Antwerp’ in the summer of 2018: a circular, eco-effective, water-bound business park.

With a coherent brand story, a fresh house style, and a clear website, we put the new sustainable hub for chemistry, cleantech, and logistics on the (inter)national map.

Between 1900 and 1960, Petroleum South was the fourth largest petroleum port in the world, and then spent some time unoccupied as building heritage. To reinvigorate the new site, the city of Antwerp joined forces with real estate developer Bopro and two environmental restoration experts. Together, they upgraded the abandoned plot into a circular business park with green areas and extra recreational facilities for local residents. In order to firmly anchor Blue Gate Antwerp in the future, Bopro called upon make sense.

Following an analysis of the current communication, our team drew up a strategy involving three pillars to effectively address each target group: the overarching story of Blue Gate Antwerp, that of the community, and the approach towards water-bound national and international businesses, with a focus on ‘gazelles’ or pioneers. For the branding of the site, we worked with a brand identity that – in addition to innovation, sustainability, and daring – above all elicits a sense of trust in both public and private stakeholders. On this basis, we developed various marketing and communication tools: a 3D image of the site, a website shepherding the various target groups through their future and a prospectus to underpin the entire sales narrative.

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