best-select - on cloud nine

dreamy greeting cards for ‘cloudi’

‘On cloud nine’ was the name of our campaign for BEST-select. In autumn 2019, our partner wanted to put its newest hydrangea in the spotlight: the dreamy Cloudi. Everyone was on cloud nine once our creative team had finished with it. What else did you expect?

BEST-select is a cooperative association of 17 Flemish ornamental tree nurseries with a focus on sustainable cultivars (cultivated plants and plant groups). Cloudi is the newest member of their range of flowers: a romantic, white hydrangea that produces soft, cloud-like colours like pastel blue and powder pink.

the action

We literally put the charming Cloudi in the picture with dreamy, romantic greeting cards. The cards featured a flower drawn by our designers and an inspiring quote. Everyone who bought a new hydrangea or another BEST-select plant in one of the participating garden centres received a unique pack of greeting cards. Cloudi was given its own landing page and the campaign was announced on Facebook, in the newsletter and via an article on the gardening website

1,500 greeting card packs were ordered

the result

1,500 greeting card packs were ordered by about 10 garden centres in Flanders and a lot of traffic was generated to the webpage which featured the participating garden centres’ addresses. And what about BEST-select’s plant growers? They’re on cloud nine.

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