sustainability charter as a communication tool

beMatrix not only thinks sustainably, the company is sustainable: it is in their DNA.

To convince its professional clients of this fact, the Belgian manufacturer of modular profiles called upon the make sense team. We collaborated on a sustainability charter that enhances its sustainable image.

beMatrix creates and designs sustainable frame systems for booth builders: the aluminium constructions are versatile and reusable thanks to their modular construction. Moreover, the company wishes to further improve their sustainability by rendering them recyclable. beMatrix is also expertly responding to trends, with respect for its staff and its surroundings. Sustainability is inextricably linked to the brand. This is precisely the message beMatrix seeks to convey to its professional clients. We moulded the initiatives and objectives of the company into a sustainability charter.

As in the case of a sustainability report, we started from ten general themes: sound management, societal commitment, communication and dialogue, human-friendly business, risk management, sustainable investment, chain management, energy and climate, quality of the living environment, and mobility. Together with the marketing department, we selected eight which we underpinned with measures, indicators, and objectives. Because beMatrix is planning on using the charter as a communication tool, we added colour to it with an infographic to match the rock 'n roll beMatrix branding. This makes it a sustainability charter with an impact, one that reflects the company’s culture.

A sustainability charter showcases your brand’s vision for the future. Are you committed to socially responsible business, and are you looking for a high-impact communication tool? Then let’s explore the options together. Contact our CSR expert Jo for a non-committal conversation at 09 336 78 93 or via

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