atelier noterman

from sustainability scan to circular plan

Atelier Noterman designs and produces high-quality chinos and jeans with a remarkable finish. 

Many years ago, this trouser specialist from Kluisbergen made a commitment to produce fashion to stand the test of time. To pinpoint the opportunities in their production process and further enhance the sustainability of the cycle, the Noterman brothers turned to us for a sustainability scan.

The managers of Atelier Noterman are passionate about sustainable fashion. They aim to respond to trends without making any concessions on style or quality. 

They thereby want to keep an eye on the impact their production process has on the environment, their staff, and society at large. Along with the marketing manager and strategist, we chart their efforts in preparation for the Flanders DC Close The Loop plan, which guides them on their way to a circular business model. We selected eight themes on which to focus more during the scan; the information is being diligently collated at the moment, and will soon be processed by CSR expert Jo into a coherent report.

A more sustainable policy begins with a sustainability scan. Would you like to receive an overview of the measures and opportunities within your company? Contact CSR consultant Jo at 09 336 78 93 or via for a non-committal conversation.

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