astra sweets

CSR report for a sustainable policy

Astra Sweets invests in quality, variation, and socially responsible business.

To affirm this, the sweets producer contacted make sense for a comprehensive sustainability report.

Astra Sweets produces sweets in all shapes and sizes for the Belgian and Dutch markets. The producer responds to new trends to offer sweet lovers the most delectable experience possible. This involves making efficient use of the means of production and raw materials, and a constant adjustment of company processes with respect for all stakeholders.

In conjunction with decision makers from the HR, Quality, Operations, Marketing, and Finance departments, as well as the CEO, we selected the themes what would underpin the CSR report. The information gathered by all involved was integrated into a coherent report with room for objectives, measures, and indicators. We thus gave shape to a report based on eight themes that corroborate the sustainability claim of the producer. Left us feeling like kids in a sweetshop! Meanwhile, the producer has laid down the foundation for a sustainable company policy.

A sustainability report gives your business, marketing, and communication a sense of direction. Interested? Contact CSR consultant Jo at 09 336 78 93 or via

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