ace packaging

from out-of-the-box-product launch to ‘dirtbag’

In 2015, Diest-based packaging producer Ace Packaging developed a biodegradable bread bag - the ‘OK Home Compost’ bag.

Good for the environment, provided that it is actually used by the consumer, at least. We handled the product launch, and were commissioned to come up with a campaign that activates the target group.

In order to introduce the product, we first explained to consumers what biodegradable packaging entails. Then we explained the advantage of home composting, and motivated bakers to offer the bags to their customers. We dubbed the campaign – and the bread bag – ‘the Dirtbag’. We made the concept more tangible with an eponymous mascot with a passion for protecting nature. This way, we drew up an emotion-driven ecological narrative without resorting to bombastic or corny language about ecology.

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