how to make an annual report look fresh and zesty

2019 was a great year for the VBT and its members. And that needs to be heard. Or better yet: read. Where else but in a comprehensive annual report including all the main achievements and activities? After a successful pitch, our team got to work and cherry-picked its content and layout. The traditional report got a garden-fresh make-over and was turned into something new, airy, dynamic and luscious. Something fruity and fresh.

The Association of Belgian Horticultural Cooperatives (VBT) defends the interests of Belgian producer cooperatives in the fruit and vegetable sector, both nationally and internationally. With its cooperative approach, the non-profit organisation strives to keep the logistics chain – from producer to consumer – as short and smooth as possible. 2019 was a great year. And their annual report is the icing on the fruit cake. Records were easily broken not only in the fresh fruit and vegetable market, but also in the frozen food sector. Our team revamped their annual report and gave it a fresh, zesty make-over. A hard-to-digest task? Not at all, the project was an absolute peach.

'collaboration is at the heart of our activities. that's why we set up collective actions. we constantly ask ourselves: how do we move forward together as efficiently as possible?’ – luc vanoirbeek, secretary-general of vbt

Unlike a classic annual report, we went with a fresh, light-hearted approach and layout: a zesty and informal writing style, hip icons and an innovative look. The stars? Fruit and vegetables, what else? We rewrote the content in a people-focused tone of voice and instead of rendering numbers in a lifeless manner, we poured them into clear infographics and beautifully designed charts. When it came to the choice of materials, we went for a unique, authentic look: the cover is made of light brown kraft and the interior is made of flexible, light paper.

the result

All members and the entire network of the VBT received the pimped annual report at home and a reprint is already underway. What about the VBT? They will hopefully be reaping the benefits for a very long time.

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