why you need content marketing

So, you want to attract new customers, but you have no clue on how to draw their attention? A loyal fanbase makes you jump up and down from excitement, but you’re struggling to engage your audience? Newsflash: your marketing strategy needs strong, relevant content. Or better said: content marketing. Here’s how you do it. 


but first: what is content marketing?

Content marketing is sharing relevant and valuable information – content – with your target audience on a regular basis. Instead of randomly selling things to potential customers, you guide them by answering questions like: ‘what concerns them?’, ‘how can I help them?’, ‘what do they need and what not?’. Unlike with traditional marketing like tv commercials, the focus is on the consumer and not on your products or services.

why you better start today

For an impeccable image, better reach (hello, new customers), stronger relationship with your target audience (hello, new fans) ... But especially because your target audiences will automatically read, watch, like and share your content if it’s relevant and valuable to them. If you’re doing it well, consistently and thoroughly, you’ll inevitably earn the right to sell them your products and services.

And there you have it: content marketing needs to be done right. You need a plan of approach, a strategy. It’s not enough to randomly post something about your new product line, commitment or rebranding. The right content on the right platform is crucial. Do you choose video, long copy or social media content? SEO or SEA? Do you explain something in a newsletter, organic post or educational video? Or do you want an after movie, blogpost or Instagram story? ‘Help!?’ Scroll to the bottom of the page and get our kickass team on it.

this is how we do it: 3 (and more) practical examples

As a creative and sustainable full-service agency, we have everything you need to create clever and strategic content for your business. Cool video concepts? Check. Killer copy? Check. An integrated social media strategy with ads and analysis? Check. Perfectly sustainable and socially relevant? Double check. But we’ll let the following examples speak for themselves:


more socials, please

The accountants and tax advisers of Flamée & Partners struggled to post regularly on their social media channels and reach and recruit students and Gen Z’s. That’s why we made a social media plan, blew fresh life into their Instagram account and came up with employer branding ads for LinkedIn & Meta. The result? 6 new, young partners for Flamée and plenty of new followers, fans, website visitors, hot leads and a bigger reach.


enter the video era

Video is hot & happening. You can’t do without it anymore. When project developer Revive needed a corporate movie, our team took care of the script, casting, production and post production of ‘Beats of Society’. More examples: the #gijkuntalles video for vdk bank, the aftermovie of our own ‘time to make sense’ event or just scroll through our Instagram page.


the power of strong copy

Also important in content marketing: your copy has to be good and persuasive or you’ve missed your chance. It doesn't matter if you’re writing for a campaign, website or newsletter – your message needs to be clear and on-point to get your audience to read, click, buy or even become a fan of your brand. An example of activating copy? This newsletter full of spring vibes for multi-brand store MOOSE in the CITY.

ready to create killer content?

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