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Do you want a killer website? But also lead generation, a beautiful web design, SEO proof content and web development with a customer friendly CMS system? Preferably connected to an effective social media strategy and/or management? Our digital marketing team makes sure your sustainable story shakes things up. 


5 tips for a kick-ass social media strategy

Social media, you either love it or hate it. Sure thing is: the impact on your marketing targets is undeniable. But what is social media marketing? And more importantly: how do you use it for a kick-ass social media strategy. We've read, studied, and analysed trend reports and predictions for 2023. To summarise all there is to know on social media marketing. Discover our 5 tips and we promise you those clicks, likes, ROI, shares and reposts will follow instantly. Cool, like and save.

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Our work says it all

co2logicprofessional website tells climate-neutral story

CO2logic wants companies to take responsibility for their carbon footprint instead of passing the buck to our future generations and rewarding them with the recognised CO2-Neutral® label. Our role in this? Showing CO2logic how to upgrade their communication regarding the label and translating their content into a user-friendly, strategic website that matches their brand identity.  

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vdk bank – 360° campaign(even) better neighbours thanks to cross-channel marketing
vdk bank – 360° campaign

Read how we brought the faces behind vdk bank closer to conscious minded Flanders with an integrated on and offline marketing campaign.  

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