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time to make sense breakfast session

So you have your own sustainability report all ready, ideally according to the CSRD regulations? But you’re having trouble telling – or rather selling your sustainability efforts, numbers, charts and future-proof vision?

What you need: sustainable marketing. The creative kind. And a multi-talented team helping you to spread that sustainable story. To all your target audiences. As attractive and transparent as possible.

Register for our upcoming time to make sense breakfast session on sustainable creative marketing and listen to our experts in sustainability, sustainable marketing and communication. Your employees, suppliers, neighbours, shareholders – and literally every citizen on the block? Well, they’ll be cheering you on in no time.


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Because good examples pave the way, find out how these brands did it.


09:00  introduction & coffee kick
09:15  sustainability in 2023
09:35  this is how they did it (inspiring cases)
10:15  questions? networking? another croissant?
10:30  let’s (rock-’n-)roll


date & location 

will follow soon 

make sense

wiedauwkaai 87 (second floor)

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about time to make sense

This breakfast session is part of the time to make sense series of Springbok. It serves as a stepping stone towards inspiration, information and a deeper connection with sustainability. With time to make sense, we create awareness about our value in an everchanging world. How do we tackle those changes, how do we share our relevant knowledge? And how do we achieve our – and your – higher purpose with a surprising mix of creativity and data? To always be one step ahead of change.