inke hutse


Inke was born on St. Joan of Arc Day, patroness saint of radio and telegraphy. Unlike what Joan heard, Inke doesn’t have the voices of others in her head but just that of her own in her pen. She knows no greater delight than creating stories. Or maybe in secretly fantasizing of succeeding Joan as a patroness. Of storytelling that is(who still knows what telegraphy is anyway). Until she realizes that she’s busy enough as it is and she’d probably find eternal bliss utterly boring. 

When she’s not writing stories of her own, she enjoys listening to the accounts of her loved ones, reading epic tales in books or getting a different narrative in foreign countries. As a necessary escape from her story-filled head, you’ll find her on the dancefloor, in the kitchen and most of all in the gym, surrounded by kettlebells, barbells and a calculator (to figure out her max reps). 

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