karen defranc

content director

Karen has a thing about words. She has a habit of smelling them, tasting them and twisting her curls around them only to unwind them when the context’s right. She likes writing sharp and snappy – long and short, both digitally and on paper. This content director explores new concepts, projects and partnerships to ‘expand her impact and reduce it environmentally’.

Karen loves coming home to the smell of chocolate in her kitchen and on her blog. Culture and nature are her cup of tea just as much: she loves morning dew on pasture grass, riding in the sun and running to dance music. She fancies art that hasn’t been discovered (yet) and plays that leave you baffled and inspired.

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Newcocreatie en win-win-wins: dit was #ttms20

cocreatie en win-win-wins: dit was #ttms20

22 Oct 2020, karen defranc

‘Op lange termijn is de crisis is een wake-upcall: het bewustzijn rond duurzaamheid groeit, zowel bij bedrijven als consumenten. Of de consument daar dan echt wakker van ligt, dat is een gans andere vraag’, zo trapte Dimitri donderdag ...

5 trends in sustainable marketing

5 trends in sustainable marketing

02 Feb 2020, karen defranc

Sustainability is no longer just hype. The demand for less disposable products-profits-quantity and more circularity-humanity-quality no longer only comes from a handful of concerned families. It is repeated more and more loudly by your lover, ...

sustainability is now: 4 leading marketeers on the importance of positive impact

sustainability is now: 4 leading marketeers on the importance of positive impact

11 Dec 2018, karen defranc

Sustainability is conquering the world. It is increasingly being associated with words as real, necessary, holistic, quality, enjoyment, respect, value creation, resilience, indestructible … now. Because sustainability is emotion, science, ...