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Digital marketeer Jana embraces life, likes to keep her friends closeby and her travel destinations far away (the further the better). What she thinks of Asian, Italian and Spanish cuisine? Finger-licking good! That’s no surprise, being the foodie she is. Although she’s as fond of croquettes with chicken and applesauce. As a social media expert, she creates digital content and online ads, is a wizard with all digital channels, tools and platforms and has a knack for generating leads and building (y)our brand awareness. 

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6 trends in sustainable marketing

6 trends in sustainable marketing

23 Feb 2022, jana kereknaoui

Sustainability is no longer just hype. The demand for less disposable products-profits-quantity and more circularity-humanity-quality no longer only comes from a handful of concerned families. It is repeated more and more loudly by your lover, ...