sustainability scan

Choosing sustainable marketing to make a positive impact? Good news. With every project, we also offer CSR advise following useful tips & tricks on how to implement corporate sustainability. Go for a thorough sustainability scan with CSR guidance during the entire communication process. Or choose to put your sustainability efforts in an authentic sustainability report or charter.  


sustainability workshop

Setting up a corporate social responsibility strategy? Easier said than done. How do you even start to write a decent sustainability report? Inhale, exhale. We’ve got your back. Our workshop sustainability, customized for your organisation, teaches you everything there is to know – and do – to become sustainability enthusiasts.


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csrd: what does it mean for you and your company?

Feeling overwhelmed about the European CSRD regulations? No need to worry. We’ll carefully explain how you successfully start mandatory sustainability reporting. And prepare you to rule the world- or at least Europe-  with your official report.


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Our work says it all

agristodigital sustainability report with an integrated gri chart

Potato lovin’ situation. Read how we wrote, edited, designed and digitalized an integral digital sustainability report for Agristo. Complete with integrated GRI chart and all that.  

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port of antwerpstrategic advice for the meals of the future
port of antwerp

Read how we brought the sustainability report of the harbour to life with an animated movie (one minute long!) and an exclusive event. 

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de trogsustainability manifesto as a marketing instrument
de trog

De Trog wants to share its pure, artisanal and biological vision with bread loving Flanders. So we started working on a crispy sustainability manifesto.

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