one planet. one mission.


greetings, brave earthling.

The first astronauts confirmed what you already know: our own planet, Earth, is the greatest discovery of all time. F*ck living on Mars. Your mission is to protect our planet, with bells on top. You don’t need loads of money or a fancy rocket. Words and images will do. And an authentic brand story as your launchpad. 

communication advice for earthlings

Your mission starts at home with our down-to-earth advice session. Together, we will analyse your brand, company or organisation in one hour. We will reveal your social added value, give you valuable communication advice and plot a course of action so that your story touches hearts. Then we perform groundbreaking work, here on earth. Or as Pop Smoke would have it: shoot for the stars, aim for the moon.

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at a time that suits you – introduction & enough coffee to save the planet

5 minutes into the meeting – mission do's and don'ts

55 minutes later – from dream to action



your home office, kitchen table, any place at home with a stable internet connection



Just leave us your details and pick a date and time.
Any questions, doubts or dreams about a better world? Let us know!
We’ll get you all set for your mission.

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