impact walks

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impact on the go

Aaah, oxygen. Can you smell it? Fresh air for your lungs and for your ideas.  For a fresh mindset. It’s time to break out of the usual screen routine, this  time you can make an impact on the go. On the beach, in the forest or in the  park. In the midst of nature, rain or shine. An energetic, free-style  conversation under a sea of green or engulfed in endless blue skies.

It’s time  to break-away from your laptop and get to know each other ‘live’. To give your  feet and your creativity the freedom to explore. On the beach with each  breaking wave or in the forest amongst the soothing chatter of our feathered  friends. We want to hear about your passions and what drives you. Or the  struggles that hold you back. Be it your current professional focus or the  greater purpose of making impact. Let’s discuss whatever’s on your mind and  together we can inspire each other to take it higher, further, and make it more  meaningful.  

impact walks

So, off we go? Our impact walk route starts where you want it to. In the park,  woods, beach or around your own neighbourhood. As long as we can get a  bite of fresh air. If you feel comfortable talking, we can help by listening. Or if  you prefer, we can do all the talking. It’s all good.  


it's simple:

  1. choose a date
  2. choose your route or location
  3. let's go!