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FUCK living on Mars

Ok, we’ve messed up. Big time. So let’s just all move to Mars? Hell no. Here’s where we want to be, on our home planet. And we need you. Because we think you feel the same way. But ‘oh man, how the hell do you communicate about sustainability?’ Well, that’s kind of our thing, as a sustainable marketing and communication agency. We create impactful communication to rock your world. 

So. You, me, sustainable marketing?



marketing- and communication agency for sustainable communication 

Your organisation is making steps towards anything green, ecological, inclusive or corporate responsible – so to say: sustainability? Good job. Having a bit of trouble communicating about it? Our team translates it into substantiated sustainability reports, bold branding, indestructible communication strategies, daring marketing campaigns and explosive digital marketing. Resulting in: a target audience that listens. So you can finally stop talking about the power of your solar system, the annual fundraising and the kilometres your employees cycle. Because honestly, who cares?  


communication advice for sustainable companies

You’re convinced Elon Musk can go to Mars on his own, but raising your sustainable voice is overwhelming? Maybe this will help.  


fuck living on mars!keynote
fuck living on mars!

Not too sure about your sustainable story? Or do you want a speaker to publicly explain why colonising to Mars is just not the way to go? Our Dimitri shines a light in the dark 

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why you need content marketingadvice & action
why you need content marketing

What is content marketing? And how can your business benefit from it? Learn all about it and have our team create killer content for your business.

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corporate social responsibilityworkshop
corporate social responsibility

Setting up a corporate social responsibility strategy? Easier said than done. How do you even start to write a decent sustainability report? Inhale, exhale. We’ve got your back. Our workshop sustainability, customized for your organisation, teaches you everything there is to know – and do – to become sustainability enthusiasts.  

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csrd: what does it mean for you and your company?
csrd: what does it mean for you and your company?
jo van assche

Feeling overwhelmed about the European CSRD regulations? No need to worry. We’ll carefully explain how you successfully start mandatory sustainability reporting. And prepare you to rule the world- or at least Europe-  with your official report.

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make sense joins springbok
make sense joins springbok
dimitri barbe

Creating impactful communication on the sustainable efforts of brands and companies, is what we have been doing for the past 15 years. Full of passion and excitement. Elon’s plan to colonize humankind to Mars? We say ‘FUCK living on Mars!’. Let’s reorganise life on our planet first. In an honest, cool and decent way.  

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6 trends in sustainable marketing
6 trends in sustainable marketing
jana kereknaoui

Sustainability is no longer just hype. The demand for less disposable products-profits-quantity and more circularity-humanity-quality no longer only comes from a handful of concerned families. It is repeated more and more loudly by your lover, friends, colleagues, coach, brother, the next in line at the baker’s, even your talkative neighbour across the street. And start-ups, as well as more experienced entrepreneurs, are responding with a new way of working, producing and selling. These five trends have since become an integral part of sustainable marketing.

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