breakfast sessions for impact makers

Connecting the purpose dots

You want to use your company to create a positive mark on society. Great.

But how do you get started? How do you take the next step and get your employees on board? And how do you then communicate this to the outside world? We answer all these questions and more during this special edition of our breakfast session for impact makers.

On Friday December 4, we – Enact, GoodUp and make sense – will join forces, knowledge and experience in a one hour session to map out a route to a purpose that’s right for you. From a meaningful business strategy to engaging your employees and sharpening your purpose story. Together we connect the "purpose dots". 

We aim for measurable positive impact. So that you – with your company, your brand or your organisation – continue to do well by doing good.


Building success with sustainable strategies and responsible leadership


Activates the purpose of companies with employees via an all-in-one SaaS platform


make sense
The communication agency for positive impact makers

Alternative dates

Are you unable to attend on November 20th or do you prefer to follow the breakfast session in English? Please pick an alternative date and language:

  • Tuesday 24 November (Dutch spoken)

  • Friday 4 December (English spoken)

Treat yourself to a crunchy granola, fresh coffee, fresh yoghurt and / or warm croissants. Then we will as well.


Let’s connect the purpose dots.

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09:00 intro & coffee kickstart
09:05 purpose & focus (Enact)
09:20 purpose & engagement (GoodUp)
09:35 purpose & communication (make sense)
09:50 wrap up & questions
10:00 closing

10:00 – 10:30 interactive break-out session to discuss and work on your business purpose (optional)

online location

From behind your desk, from your couch or at your kitchen table, wherever you feel comfortable and where your internet works. You will receive the link in the confirmation email.