communication strategy for sustainable companies

Strong sustainable communication works best with a clear communication strategy. We determine your brand positioning, tone of voice and communication goals. Together. Before we draw a suitable communication plan. Once we’ve determined the strategic outlines, it’s time to get creative.  

Our work says it all

umicoresustainability strategy becomes business policy

What comes after a sustainability strategy? Communicating about it of course. But how do you translate a voluminous paper to your target audience? With strong storytelling and an amazing tagline.  

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stad Gentomnichannel marketing campaign to promote energy neutral living spaces and renovating projects
stad Gent

We promoted how to renovate and live in an energy efficient way for “De Energiecentrale”, a project for Flemish city Ghent. Going from strategic workshops and presets to omnichannel marketing.  

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vdk bank – 360° campaign(even) better neighbours thanks to cross-channel marketing
vdk bank – 360° campaign

Read how we brought the faces behind vdk bank closer to conscious minded Flanders with an integrated on and offline marketing campaign.  

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