How to make your sustainability marketing thrive

Springbok talks: sustainability marketing: 5 pitfalls & 5 tips

Having a hard time promoting your sustainability efforts*? We get it. Even socially responsible companies often find themselves making the same mistakes. Once bitten, twice…Right.

Join our breakfast session on Friday June 16th and learn to spot the 5 biggest pitfalls in sustainability marketing. And even better: discover how to amplify your brand’s sales and impact. Win-win.

Is sustainability marketing not on your company’s radar yet? Let it be your sign to swing by. We’ll check how you can implement a sustainable mindset in your corporate strategy.

Have a taste of our delicious coffee, croissants and more than 15 years of experience in sustainable communication advice. 

Join us on 16th June, 2023 in the Springbok Headquarters in Mechelen

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Dimitri Barbe, founder of make sense, gives some kick-ass advice on how to tackle the pitfalls in a cool and creative way.


Alexander Cha’ban, Creative Director at Springbok, shows - with some compelling examples - how creativity can uplift your sustainability message.


09:00 introduction & coffee kick (you. me. coffee?)
09:15 how to make your sustainability marketing thrive by Dimitri & Alexander
10:15 Q&A
10:30 let’s (rock-’n-)roll!


date & location

Friday June 16th, 2023

Springbok agency

Bautersemstraat 68

2700 Mechelen


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