branding & graphic design

Your brand identity – with a suitable name, customized graphic design and a personal tone of voice- makes you recognizable by your target audience. Your corporate identity and branding are a translation of your brand personality, reflecting your values. They make sure you get your message across and more importantly make it stick. We increase the positive impact on your environment. With the right communication strategy combined with a bold marketing concept.  


6 trends in sustainable marketing

Sustainability is no longer just hype. The demand for less disposable products-profits-quantity and more circularity-humanity-quality no longer only comes from a handful of concerned families. It is repeated more and more loudly by your lover, friends, colleagues, coach, brother, the next in line at the baker’s, even your talkative neighbour across the street. And start-ups, as well as more experienced entrepreneurs, are responding with a new way of working, producing and selling. These six trends have since become an integral part of sustainable marketing.

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Our work says it all

hellowaterbranding at its purest

The goal of water treatment company HelloWater? Clear waste water for every neighbourhood. Read how we dived into their branding and fished out: a name, logo, brand story and integrated website. 

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evoltastrategic positioning, rebranding and communication concept

We conducted a strategic brand positioning exercise for Evolta, an engineering and architecture agency. To give them an even stronger market position. Fresh rebranding with binding communication concept and a buzzing surprise event. 

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younitedtone of voice, content plan & social media strategy

Our project for social organisation Younited Belgium was threefold: increase brand awareness and visibility of the organisation, develop a communication strategy and visualize all Younited football players in an empowering way. Challenge accepted.  

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