take a step (back)

13 mar 2019, dimitri barbe

What a torrent of abuse Anuna and her supporters received. And to what end? It seems that many feel compelled to out their pent-up frustrations from the comfort of their own sofa or armchair. As if they’ve come to the conclusion that they have stood still for decades and haven’t really added anything to the world. You would get disillusioned with less.

The good news is that everyone can take a step, large or small, towards a better planet. Nobody has to do anything, but that doesn’t mean we can't. Stubborn people who are tired of hearing about the climate can simply step away — there's nothing wrong with that. However, now is the perfect time to be creative, to set things in motion, to take matters into your own hands, to set up a mini-business with like-minded friends … Online, everyone can get in touch with everyone, across the globe. The opportunities are endless, for entrepreneurs, students, politicians, civil servants, trade unions, families, schools, for each and every one of us. Every day. Take your pick.

Only you can choose which step you’ll take: one that is feasible, affordable, desirable, or (seemingly) possible to organise … You can choose cautiously, conservatively, boldly, or go completely wild. An employee can opt for an electric bike to start the day well. A multinational can choose sustainable packaging. A school can plant trees around the playground. A family can accommodate the wishes of their daughter to stop eating meat, at least for 40 days. An SME can opt for an electric car fleet. A clothing brand can choose to make clothes using plastic from The Great Garbage Patch. A government can integrate sustainability into its investment policy. Everyone decides which step they are willing to take. It can be as simple as that: a country with 11 million inhabitants who take a total of 11 million steps together. Not bad for an ordinary afternoon in March.

Running a business, taking the initiative, and working together towards a common goal always starts with a dream, right? A dream about changing something, trying something new, chasing bigger, better, nicer, happier … You know your own dreams better than I do. Then you visualise that dream. The more tangible and specific it gets, the more it becomes a goal. You may not know the way there yet, but you can see your goal on the horizon. And isn't that what's so fantastic about the climate marches? Young people who dream of something bigger than themselves. Yes, that demands choices, consequences, considerations … But those 10,000 young people with a collective dream, turning up week after week for that dream, is one of the best things I've seen on the streets for years. No doubt they will be taking their steps too.

Now it’s up to you.