media campaign for the discerning entrepreneur

23 nov 2018,

Van Gansewinkel + Shanks = Renewi. At the occasion of the merger in 2017, Renewi not only adopted a new name but also a new identity.

One that is greener than ever. The company aims to be the authority in terms of circular enterprise and thinking. In order to involve discerning entrepreneurs in its narrative, we unleashed the #thinkrenewi campaign upon Flanders.

Renewi is a waste-to-product company that arose from the merger of waste service providers Van Gansewinkel and Shanks. With the name change, this new Belgian player wanted to rid itself of its old image as a (passive) waste disposal company and make an active contribution to a sustainable society. In order to involve Belgian entrepreneurs into this narrative, Renewi went looking for a communication partner that shares the same values. This is how make sense entered the picture.

During a creative brainstorming session, our team came up with ‘#thinkrenewi’ – a media campaign that puts a human face on the recycling company’s target group. We mainly aimed to address those entrepreneurs who make conscious choices and evolve in lockstep with society in order to consistently improve performance, entrepreneurs who opt in favour of circularity on a daily basis. Anja Maes of the FNG Group and Didier Engels of Engels Ramen en Deuren very appropriately became the standard bearers for the campaign.



To put Renewi on the map as a brand with which the modern entrepreneur associates, we both literally and figuratively embarked with Geronimo Productions. In collaboration with Roundhouse and Vic De Wachter, we transformed the clip to a punchy radio ad. The media campaign was shared in June of 2018 through channels such as Radio 1, Spotify, Studio Brussel, YouTube, and De Tijd. The ads were viewed and heard by over 260,000 excited Flemings. In the Autumn of 2018, we further rolled out the campaign in Wallonia. And then the Netherlands?


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